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We’re gonna be Creative directors | Concept artists for the game Amaranthine Story by David Daniels. These days you were able to see some of the concepts which I uploaded in my gallery (also above). Well…we and the whole team would love to make this game and the project a reality, so we would need […]


I can happily announce that Digital Art Masters: Volume 9 by 3dtotal is available for pre-order. I also did a tutorial on how I drew my painting Forest Spirits (on image above). I also explained which brushes I used and where you can get them…so it’s really detailed. In gallery section you can see my painting Dreams. If you want to buy it or check the preview of the book then follow this link. First 200 pre-orders will also get a free art print.

Digital Art Masters has long been supporting the up-and-coming talent in the digital art industry, showcasing their work to a global audience and helping to bring them the recognition they richly deserve. In the ninth volume of this ground-breaking series, 50 more artists bring their imagination and talent to such topics as characters, scenes, sci-fi, fantasy and cartoons, resulting in a book that is filled to the brim with beautiful images and words of wisdom. With a mixture of veterans and newcomers, Digital Art Masters: Volume 9 provides the perfect cross-section of the best artwork the industry can offer, and is sure to leave you fired up with inspiration, ready to create masterpieces of your very own.

If you’re from Slovenia there’s gonna be Makkon event this year also. It’s gonna be in Kino Šiška, on 14 December 2013. More about event you can read on their site here and program you can check here. Entrance is free and everyone is welcome…see you there. And I’m honoured to be part of Makkon event this year also, so, on the poster you can see my newest painting BATTLEFIELD… last year poster drawing was Forest Spirits. Poster design (above) done by DaeStock and Evoli-chan.

Drawing on poster by Valentina Remenar | © Copyrighted | 2013 | YouTube Tincek-MarincekART


And here is card number 9 which have my painting featured. If you pre-order Digital Art Masters: Volume 8 by 3dtotal till 17th June, then you’ll get free playing cards (on image below…pre-order is ending, so be quick). And you can find my works and tutorial in this book also. I explained very detailed how I did my painting Duality. I described every little process and details, brushes which I used and many other things (my tutorial is the last tutorial in the book). Other paintings featured in this book are A Place We Call Home and Fire Souls. You can see and purchase the book here.


Other books by 3dtotal where are our works published: Beginner’s Guide to Creating Manga Art | Prime

I can proudly announce that book Digital Art Masters: Volume 8 by 3dtotal is available for pre-order. Digital Art Masters: Volume 8 is not your typical digital art gallery book. While it does showcase stunning work from 50 of the best international artists, it also includes detailed tutorials explaining how each image was created. Each […]

I can proudly announce that book Beginner’s Guide to Creating Manga Art by 3dtotal is available for pre-order. An insight into the creation of manga art, focusing on coloring, drawing and designing characters using traditional and digital methods. Beginner’s Guide to Creating Manga Art explores the topic of manga art, starting from basic character design […]

Paint my OC-header

Paint my OC contest winners

And here are hardly expected winners from our Paint my OC contest (official contest article)… contest was open on our deviantART site tincek-marincek. There are 6 winners from two categories, so that means there are twice 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Each winner will get many awesome prizes. There were so many amazing entries that it […]

Art in progress

Here are few paintings that are still in progress…and the first one is already finished. I posted how black and white version looks (below) and finished (colored) is on top. I flipped it and finished… And other paintings…mostly I paint characters from Final Fantasy. Hahaha, I can’t help myself. Some are original, and some are […]

And this is my first calendar. You can also see it on my other site here where you can also purchase it (you can visit our shop here, where you can purchase many other things also…you can find that link it the main menu above). I collected few works, from commissions, fan arts, personal work… some […]


PRIME books

Prime showcases the pinnacle of digital artistic achievement from around the globe in a definitive collection of 21st century CG artwork. This unique set of five books is housed in a single slipcase, with each book devoted to a classic gallery theme – sci-fi, character, cartoon, fantasy or scenes – and featuring stunning, world-class work […]

New art

And  I decided to show another work in progress drawings which I still make. Original drawings are pretty huge (especially first art)… first image is 9542 x  6144 px and again I tried to make a little more environment than characters. First drawing when I tried that I still didn’t finish… haha. Then second drawing… […]

Wacom Bamboo special edition M

Tools we use

And this is photo of one of our tablets. Now we use Wacom Bamboo Special Edition M (this on image above)… that’s our fourth tablet. We had Genius G-Pen M609X, Genius G-Pen F610 and Wacom Volito 2. All our recent digital paintings were drawn with this tablet. It’s medium size… well, I don’t like to […]